Wanted: Net Control Operators

QST! The Lake Washington Ham Club Net Ops Team is looking for more volunteer net control operators for our social nets: the 11AM Health & Wellness Net, and the evening Tuesday 7PM social net.

These nets are operated through our linked Rose Hill repeater system.

The 11AM Health & Wellness Net and the 7pm Tuesday Social Net are known and appreciated by our ham community for their friendly and welcoming atmospheres, as well as for their optional "question of the day" formats, which allow everyone to focus on a given subject and get to know each other better in the process.

We are lucky to have many dedicated and welcoming volunteer net control operators.

Currently, on the 11AM Health & Wellness Net, you will regularly hear: KK7BRS Doug (Mondays and Wednesdays), W7JSM John (Tuesdays and Thursdays), N7RLV Rob (Fridays), KI7LTY Amy (Saturdays), and KK7BRR Jennifer (Sundays). We also are fortunate to have volunteer back-up net control operators, who fill in where needed: many thanks to KI7NRI David, KB2S Brian, and N7ANH Anh.

The Tuesday 7PM social net has been held by a few local hams the past couple of years, notably WA3DB (SK) "DB," and N7ANH Anh.

We would love to bring some new folks on to help share in the fun of hosting these social nets. Please contact Net Ops Manager John W7JSM, at W7JSM@outlook.com, for more information.