Joining LWHC on ClubLog

ClubLog is a free website that helps operators be more effective and have more fun making on the air HF and Satellite contacts with distant stations around the world. New operators with a wire in a tree to seasoned contesters with million-dollar stations use ClubLog to connect with other enthusiasts, improve their station operation, see a timeline of your activity, get confirmation for rare contacts, and much more (about ClubLog).

The Lake Washington Ham Club community enjoys a special benefit of being a listed club on ClubLog. This means that members can request to be added to the club's league on ClubLog. Club leagues allow members to take a look at each other's progress over time, know who to reach out to who may be making contacts you're interested in making as well, and provides a fun motivator for many to explore.

How to join LWHC on ClubLog

Once you have created an account on ClubLog, you may request access to join the LWHC club with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings page for your account and then select Clubs.

2. Select LWHC - Lake Washington Ham Club and then Join Club.

That's all there is to it. Approval normally takes less than 24 hours, but if you experience a long delay, send an email to KB2S the club's ClubLog administrator.