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Lake Washington Ham Club operates two repeater sites:

  • Analog repeaters on Rose Hill in Kirkland, WA
  • D*STAR digital repeaters in downtown Bellevue, WA

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For a complete list of repeaters in our area, go to the Western Washington Amateur Relay Association, web site: . The WWARA is our local area frequency coordinator for Western Washington. Other closeby frequency coordinators are:

If you are interested in viewing the WWARA coordinated repeaters on a map, download the zip file here: and restore the files into an empty folder. Install Google Earth (or other KML viewer) on your computer and double-click on the .kml file. The data is provided courtesy of the Western Washington Amateur Relay Association and is used with permission.

There are two resources in particular that are available on their home page that may be of interest to our members:

  1. A local band plan is there — with a lot more detailed information and recommendations than the ARRL general plan; and
  2. All of their repeater data is available as a CSV (for importing into Excel) and as a Chirp database.

Important: In the event of an emergency, the Rose Hill 2M, 440 and 6M repeaters (not the 220) are reserved for the Kirkland Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)

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