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Our Saturday, Aug 13th club meeting, @9:30am, our technical talk will be “Let’s Talk DSTAR” by Scott Honaker N7SS.  DSTAR is the first digital voice and data mode created specifically for amateur radio. Features are still being added and the radios are easier to use than ever. If you haven’t tried DSTAR, it’s worth a look.


If you have any suggestions or requests for other monthly presentations, email “dB” WA3DB at guttyr@gmail.com.

Here is your link to the Zoom meeting:

Topic: Lake Washington Ham Club
Meeting ID: 764 222 672
Password: 73 (will be needed if you have an old link)

We will open the Zoom meeting a little bit before 9am with the meeting starting at 9:30am.

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Until further notice, all club activities such as our monthly club meetings, classes and exam sessions have been transitioned to online Zoom meetings.

The venue that we use for all of our onsite activities is a conference room in Redmond City Hall (with our continued thanks to the sponsorship of the City of Redmond, Office of Emergency Management). Because of the latest COVID-19 guidelines published by King County Health, the City has requested that all groups who use their facilities cancel any “large events”. They defined “large events” as those with more than 10 people. Our meetings certainly qualify as we get 40-60 hams each meeting. We have no idea when this condition will be lifted.

Conditions are very fluid and changing daily (sometimes hourly). We do not have any estimate on when we will resume our normal in-person activities.

If you have any questions, drop me an email at dwickert@hotmail.com.

Keep safe.


_-_-_ Dave, AE7TD, President, Lake Washington Ham Club

A list of useful Zoom “tips and tricks” is located here:

Interested in getting one of our new club badges? Go here:

The ARRL has launched a new podcast geared towards new ham radio amateurs. Click here for more information.

Two interesting awards are available from the ARRL. Check them out!

First, for new hams, the ARRL has a “First Contact Award.” The award is a very nice certificate suitable for framing that commemorates your first “on-the-air” contact. This would be a wonderful surprise to send a ham when you are THEIR first contact. For more information, check out the First Contact Award page at http://www.arrl.org/first-contact

The second award is the ARRL “Elmer Award.” An Elmer is someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be or new hams. While technology constantly evolves, the human interaction between hams will not be replaced and will always remain one of the hobby’s strongest traditions. As licensed hams we are all ambassadors of Amateur Radio and we should always be looking at ways in which we can welcome newly licensed hams and project a positive image that will attract others to ham radio. The Elmer Award is a way that you can thank your own Elmer for their time, expertise, and encouragement. Check out the Elmer award page at http://www.arrl.org/elmer-award to present the Elmer Award certificate to someone who has helped you in Amateur Radio.

9-Dec-2017 — Interested in trying something new? But still old? (That sounds interesting, huh!) At our “Holiday Field Day” party, Rick Beatty, W7RNB47@gmail.com announced that his 10 meter repeater continues to be available in Edmonds. Given the uneven and unpredictable propagation in the current sunspot cycle, he is interested in feedback of successful contacts with it. The repeater is at 29.68 MHz (-100 KHz offset) with a PL tone of 110.9. The repeater is available for general use and is open to all. However, you might notice that its receive frequency is outside of the Technician phone portion of the 10M band, so you will need a General license or higher to transmit to it.

Interested in CW? Take a look at this document. Very cool stuff! http://www.zerobeat.net/downloads/tasrt-english.zip

Club Groups.IO group — >is now ONLINE: Click http://lwhc.groups.io/  It is a closed group to just club members — no SPAM — no unsolicited emails.

2022 Memberships now available: Renewal (and new) memberships for 2022 are now available. Membership is based on the calendar year and is not pro-rated. Renewals are quick and easy. Go to the membership page, here for getting in-and-out quickly.

Many local companies, such as Microsoft Corporation and Boeing, have matching gift programs for non-profits. Contact your HR department to check to see matching donations can be made available to LWHC.

New to HAM radio? Do you have questions around what would be a good first radio? If so, we have a great new way to get some advice. Go to our Radio Selection Survey page and take our survey. The results will be posted to a group of the club’s HAMs who has lots of experience to help you. Here is a link.

Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Lake Washington Ham Club is to provide Amateur Radio support to the community. Toward that end the Lake Washington Ham Club:

  • Offers amateur radio instructional classes and testing services for new and upgrading ham radio operators;
  • Trains emergency service groups in communications;
  • Offers short term loan of radio equipment;
  • Operates radio repeater stations; and
  • Owns and operates an amateur radio station.

Our club has a particular focus on youth. All of our programs have a youth component – click here for more specifics on our youth activities.

Important: In the event of an emergency the repeaters are reserved for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services

The club is also a 501(c)3 corporation and donations are always welcome. We use these funds to further our mission by maintaining our equipment, adding new capabilities, conducting classes that help bring new hams into the hobby, and sponsoring activities to impact our community. If interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please use the PayPal button below. We gladly accept any amount donated. Thanks!

If you would like to specify your donation to a specific activity, when you get into PayPal, you can add a “Note” to tell us what specific activity you feel passionate about.

Thank you for your support.

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