Life Membership

Lake Washington Ham Club is entirely supported by its members and generous donors. Many hams have pitched in over the years to help support the club through their memberships and donations. These make our club the special place that it is for our members to share their experiences and encourage each other in our ham radio activities.

The hams listed on this page, however, are in a special class when it comes to their support of the club. In exchange for their lifetime subscription fee, contributions, and/or service, these members have been awarded our Life Membership status which includes, among other benefits, special recognition that is distinct within our club.

To these and other hams to follow, the club extends its warmest gratitude for their support and patronage. Please join us in congratulating them.

Life Memberships are now being offered to current club members in good standing. A member in good standing is one that pays their dues and participates in club activities.

Details of the Life Membership program are:

  • The fee is $75 as a one-time fee. Life Membership is subject to the approval of the club’s Board of Directors. In the event your request is denied, your one-time fee will be refunded. While the standard way to become a life member is through this one-time fee, the Board will also consider large donations of funds or equipment as a valid criteria for Life Membership.
  • Just for 2021, as the Life Membership program is getting established, if the applicant has paid their 2021 dues no later than 31-Mar-2021 then we will allow a $10 credit to their one-time fee that covers their 2021 dues. go **here** if you wish to do that.
  • Each call sign requires the one-time payment of life membership fee. No family plan will be considered.
  • The club waives the annual membership dues for Life Members for their lifetime. Non-transferable.
  • With our thanks, life members are listed below.
  • If a life member moves away and if the member requests it, the account would be placed on inactive status and could be reactivated by a simple request later on.
  • We request that the Life members verify and/or update their contact information for the roster at least once a year.

IMPORTANT: To continually improve the program, the Life Membership program is subject to change at the discretion of the club’s Board of Directors. If changes are implemented, details of the changes will be published 90 days prior to the changes becoming effective. In an extraordinary event, the club’s Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke a Life Membership. If this happens the member’s one-time fee will be refunded minus the annual renewal rate for each year as a Life Member.

To apply for a life membership to the Lake Washington Ham Club, fill in your call sign, make your $75 payment and submit the membership request.

Call sign:

As of 01-Jan-2021 the following ham radio operators are Lake Washington Ham Club life members:

–TBD– (name, call sign, date “since”, personal link)

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