Cool Product Reviews (CPR)

At our monthly club meetings we have a short 5 minute “look-see” at new cool products (or old products that are still cool). If you have any suggestions for future CPR items to be shared during our meetings, drop a line to Dave Wickert, AE7TD

Previous CPRs are:

 November 2018:  (Holiday ideas?)

 September 2018:

 August 2018:

 May 2018:

 Apr 2018:

Mar 2018:

Feb 2018:

Jan 2018: (all courtesy of Dave Wickert, AE7TD)

Nov 2017:

Sept 2017:

Microphone ideas:

Power your HT:


March 2017: 

First, some “fun stuff” for you:

Second, clean up your shack to your XYL’s expectations:

Don’t break through walls . . .

Cable management: (make sure you have separate runs for RF and power/etc.)

Power management:

Antenna storage:

Finally, while travelling, have some additional organization:

February 2017: 

Antennas: (wire and accessories)

Fun stuff:

January 2017: (our first session)

Trends in Radios:

Stuff to store/transport your radio:

Knick knacks and fun stuff:

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