Repeater Nets

Our club repeater system supports 3 nets:

  • A daily Health and Wellness net which meets at 11am Pacific.
  • A weekly Tuesday evening social net which meets at 7pm Pacific.
  • A weekly Wednesday evening net that focuses on DIY and other hands-on electronic repair which meets at 7pm Pacific.

All of these nets run on the linked Rose Hill repeaters (6M, 2M, 1.25M, 70CM, Echolink and AllStar-enabled).  Details on these nets are below.

Our daily Lake Washington Ham Club K7LWH Health and Wellness net meets at 11AM to provide a daily “check-in” on our members.

This is a directed net. All calls will come thru a net control operator. Please use commonly accepted amateur radio practices and respect for all. This net is open to all stations holding a valid Amateur Radio License. We love to hear from folks, and you will find lots of friends and Elmers on this net. If this is your first contact on the radio, please share that with us.

If you are interested in becoming a net control operator we are also looking for volunteers. It is easy (we can provide you a script on what to say if you wish) and is a great way of sharpening your radio skills. Contact dB Baker WA3DB to get a slot.

When checking into the net, please say your call sign slowly and phonetically. Please go slow. This will save a lot of time on the net. When you are done with your report, please remember it is important to sign off using your call sign – to both comply with FCC regulations and to tell net control that you are done with your check-in.

If you just want to say “Hi” and have no traffic you can do an “IO” or in and out. That is fine. Otherwise we want to encourage you to spend a little time telling us what you are doing to pass the time and if you are well.

So pick up your “spy walkie talkie” and press the big button on the side . . . and join us at 11am every day.


Please come now.

To accommodate those with scheduling issues for the 11am Daily net, we also run an evening session at 7pm Pacific every Tuesday.

On Wednesday evenings at 7pm Pacific, “The Louie Net” is dedicated to David Clark’s work to save, repair,
and recycle instead of buy. Consumerism has moved us away from visiting repair shops. Inexpensive components and parts break before reasonable end of service life. Our culture emphasizes “Just buy another one” and “Bigger, newer and better”

Testing, Repairing and building equipment is at the center of the Ham radio hobby.

The primary subject of the “Louie Net” is real-world repairs and solutions for broken equipment and products. Breathing new life into parts and products through creativity. Our focus is on “Break-Fix” – Getting out of situations using triage skills. Topics will include: Questions-of-the-day, social check-ins, and I/Os also welcome.

Come join us for an unusual net experience!


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