Call sign tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on call signs:

  1. Interested in getting sequential call signs with your and your family or friends? Suppose you and your Mom are taking the Tech exam and you both pass. Congratulations! Welcome to ham radio! Wouldn’t it be fun if you had call signs that were one right after the other? If so, just ensure that you are listed in order you wish on the candidate roster when you are taking your exam. The FCC issues call signs in the order that they are processed by the VEC. For the ARRL this is the order that the candidates are listed on the candidate roster.
  2. How do you check to see what your new call sign is? It takes about a week for the ARRL to process your exam results and post them to the ULS. So after a few days start checking to see if your new call sign has been posted. To search the ULS directly:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Search Licenses”:
    3. Change to “By Name” and type in your name:

    Once you have been issued your sequential call sign, you might be interested in getting a vanity call sign. Here is a good resource available to you that explains the process:   If you do not want to hassle with the process yourself, another way is to use a commercial service that walks the process for you. Typically you must pay an additional fee for this service. Here is one such service: (but there are lots of others, just search the web)

    Your friendly local VE team at the Lake Washington Ham Club!


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