Ham Test Online Subscriptions

To support our on-going training and classroom activities, the Lake Washington Ham Club is now a reseller of the Ham Test Online Technician subscriptions.*

You can either purchase a Technician subscription directly from http://www.hamtestonline.com or from us with a $20 donation. The Technician subscription is normally $29.95. We can offer it to you at reduced price as a club fund raiser through our reseller relationship. Help yourself by saving some money, getting a great study aid for your exam, and also benefiting the club at the same time.

* Note: We only offer **TECHNICIAN** subscriptions through this program. If you are interested in a General or Extra subscription, contact http://wwww.hamtestonline.com directly. YOU CANNOT GET THE GENERAL-CLASS OR EXTRA-CLASS SUBSCRIPTIONS THROUGH US!

Purchasing a subscription is done through PayPal using:

Donation for Ham Test Online Subscription

After we receive a successful PayPal notification, we will email you a code and instructions for getting started using the Ham Test Online web service.

Ham Test Online is our recommended “go-to” study aid for all of our Technician classes. Simply put, it is the best drill-and-practice study aid on the planet. Besides guiding you through the question pool, assessing your strengths and weaknesses as you go along, the service also has basic instructional material to build your knowledge base. Obviously, if you have additional questions you are also welcome to email our instructional team, starting with the lead instructor: dwickert@hotmail.com.

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