Dave Wickert AE7TD and guest instructors teach FCC amateur radio classes (Technician and General Class).  A Technician class license allows amateurs to use radio frequencies for emergency communications, family communications, personal technology growth, and to make many new friends worldwide. A General license expands upon the Technician license by adding HF frequencies as additional privileges.

<Sorry — We have no Technician Amateur Radio classes currently planned. Check back later for more information.>

Exam resources available:

Regardless of the study approach taken, as a long term resource, we recommend the ARRL “Ham Radio License Manual”  ( ) as reference material.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you get the 4th Edition of the book. Earlier editions are obsolete. Likewise, when purchasing the resources below (or using them as study aids), please make sure that it covers the latest question pool, i.e. Technician 2018 to 2022. Every four years the exam question pool changes. Some resources are not updated in a timely fashion. 

(Note: not in any particular order and without any commercial endorsements, as everyone learns differently)

If you want to bypass the training and go to the actual exam questions, which are publicly available:

Amateur License Practice Testing Sites

ARRL now features a web site with free practice tests for the amateur radio license exams. Check out this article. New

These sites feature free practice tests for the amateur radio license exams.

Good information about ham radio, in general, is available at:

Please check back for updates!

Additional training slides here:




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