Upcoming monthly club meeting topic:  TBD, but I am sure that it will be fun 🙂 ! 

Update: Feb 8th: Still no ISP at the Rosehill site, so IRLP continues to be down.

Nov 6th: IRLP is down and down hard. We knew it was going to happen and that day is finally upon us. This morning at 12:01am our Internet service provider (4G wireless CLEAR) went out of business, or rather Sprint pulled its plug. Thus IRLP will not be available until we can arrange for another ISP. Until then we apologize to our regular IRLP users (you know who you are!). While we do not yet have an ETA, we hope to be online soon.

On March 12th, Bryce Chanes (KR0CKT) and Nicole Shriver (KE7EBU) from
Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, visited the Lake Washington Ham Club to discuss the Eagle Space Flight Team. The team is an excited group of over 65 undergraduate students studying degrees from electrical engineering to international business to aerospace engineering. Two years ago they formed to become the first amateur and student team to fly a rocket to space, an extraordinary goal that involves designing, building, and flying a 25 foot tall rocket over 100km (62miles, 328kft) in altitude. The team is currently looking for corporate and private donors to help financially support the development of their program, and more information about the team, and how to donate, can be found on their website at http://www.EagleSpaceFlightTeam.com.

The FCC Exam Voucher program is sponsored by the Lake Washington Ham Club and the Woodinville ARES Group.

Kirkland CERT takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!   Will you take it too? Drop a line to Don W7OXR if you are up to the challenge!

More Youth NEWS!

Matt Kelly, AF7RU, appointed the first STEM Director at Camp Pigott for this year. This means jobs will become available at camp Pigott for STEM Counselor or STEM Counselor in Training. We are looking for Scout and Venture Amateurs that will be willing to teach or learn STEM Merit Badges working for Scoutmaster Kelly, AF7EBU, EE, Chemistry, Physics and Math Teacher. LWHC/Woodinville clubs plans to support their scout and Venture hams and go to camp with Radio, Electronics and other STEM Merit Badge Support plus set up DEMO Ham Stations. This will be fun. Rumors of a HAM club starting in an Everett High School.

LWHC members, Doug Mecham, N6DJM, Matt Kelly, AF7RU and Phil Sohn, K7APS are launching a new Sea Scout Boat. It will be outfitted with VHH/UHF and HF radios. The 14+ level boys and girls Venture level are being trained to sail the new boat.

There is a Radio and Electronics Merit Badge Class taking place March 26th Sammamish LDS Church which is open to all youth. Plus there is Amateur classes starting in Kirkland ARES and Redmond ARES; 30+ new Hams on the way. Cub, Scout and Venture class underway in Everett; 15+ new Hams on the way.

The 220Mhz repeater on Rosehill is operational now.

Bob KE7JL and Don W7OXR have reconfigured the repeater to use the K7LWH ID so we are ready to go. The repeater is not linked with the other Rose Hill repeaters so it is getting a bit lonely. Give it a try! Because of the band’s limited repeater coverage, the band is wide open! Jump in.

DSTAR gateway is operational now.  We have also received our new 2M antenna and will be installing it soon.

Just in time for the 2014 DStar QSO Party, the K7LWH DSTAR repeaters at One Lincoln Plaza are operational for local use and gateway connectivity. Enjoy the fun!

Interested in CW? Take a look at this document. Very cool stuff! http://www.tasrt.ca/TASRTVersions/TASRT.pdf

Club calendar now ONLINE: Click here to view (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwhcmembers/cal) — it is part of our Yahoo group. Feel free to add or edit any entry! It is a shared calendar for the club’s use. If you update it, then please send an email to the Yahoo group so everyone knows about it(mailto:lwhcmembers@yahoo.com).

Club Yahoo group — ‘lwhcmembers’  is now ONLINE: Click http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwhcmembers/join to join the club’s Yahoo group. It is a closed group to just club members — no SPAM — no unsolicited emails. To send email just click mailto:lwhcmembers@yahoo.com .

2014 Memberships now available: Renewal (and new) memberships for 2014 are now available. Membership is based on the calendar year and is not pro-rated. For your convenience, if you want to pay online, here is a PayPal link to process your renewal:

Many local companies, such as Microsoft Corporation and Boeing, have matching gift programs for non-profits. Contact your HR department to check to see matching donations can be made available to LWHC. Thank you for the early renewal for next year’s membership.

New to HAM radio? Do you have questions around what would be a good first radio? If so, we have a great new way to get some advice. Go to our Radio Selection Survey page and take our survey. The results will be posted to a group of the club’s HAMs who has lots of experience to help you. Here is a link.

Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Lake Washington Ham Club is to offer amateur radio instructional classes to children and their parents and to prepare these people to participate in emergency service communications groups. The Club’s secondary mission is to increase awareness of amateur radio and to promote the continued use and growth of this important community resource. In the event of an emergency the repeaters are reserved for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services  

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