Please join us for Saturday, Apr 12th @10AM!
Topics: (1) Training for Youth HAM coaches for Apr 26th Merit Badge and license class; (2) The Best Log for Field Day; (3) SEA Scout training — need a plan for May; (4)  IC31a Review Battery setup; and (5) Field Day planning — Antennas!

Lastly, we are looking for volunteers for a youth training opportunity coming up for April 26th. We are doing another BSA Merit Badge class and a Tech testing session afterwards. We can use as many coaches as possible!

It is also a good time to pay your 2014 dues . . . :-)

NEW REPEATERS! Two new repeaters are now on-line. See the repeater info on the right-hand panel. We have both a new 220Mhz and a 440Mhz repeater now available. Come to our meeting on Saturday to hear about all about it.

Interested in CW? Take a look at this document. Very cool stuff! http://www.tasrt.ca/TASRTVersions/TASRT.pdf

Club calendar now ONLINE:

Click here to view (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwhcmembers/cal) — it is part of our Yahoo group. Feel free to add or edit any entry! It is a shared calendar for the club’s use. If you update it, then please send an email to the Yahoo group so everyone knows about it(mailto:lwhcmembers@yahoo.com).

Club Yahoo group — ‘lwhcmembers’  is now ONLINE:

Click http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwhcmembers/join to join the club’s Yahoo group. It is a closed group to just club members — no SPAM — no unsolicited emails. To send email just click mailto:lwhcmembers@yahoo.com .

2014 Memberships now available:

Renewal (and new) memberships for 2014 are now available. Membership is based on the calendar year and is not pro-rated. For your convenience, if you want to pay online, here is a PayPal link to process your renewal:

Many local companies, such as Microsoft Corporation and Boeing, have matching gift programs for non-profits. Contact your HR department to check to see matching donations can be made available to LWHC.

Thank you for the early renewal for next year’s membership.

New to HAM radio? Do you have questions around what would be a good first radio? If so, we have a great new way to get some advice. Go to our Radio Selection Survey page and take our survey. The results will be posted to a group of the club’s HAMs who has lots of experience to help you. Here is a link.

Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the Lake Washington Ham Club is to offer amateur radio instructional classes to children and their parents and to prepare these people to participate in emergency service communications groups. The Club’s secondary mission is to increase awareness of amateur radio and to promote the continued use and growth of this important community resource.

In the event of an emergency the repeaters are reserved for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services


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