Our July 13th Club meeting will be a “SwapFest” held at Redmond Presbyterian Church. We are moving because of the anticipated Redmond Derby Day madness around City Hall. Feel free to use the Yahoo group to send around lists of items for sale and swap prior to the meeting. The event is limited to member-to-member private transactions — no commercial selling.

Redmond Presbyterian Church (10020 166th Avenue NE, Redmond, WA 98052) is located in the “Education Hill” area of Redmond, Washington. It is situated at the corner of 166th Ave NE and NE 100th St, just across the street from the Redmond Middle School tennis courts.

Note: If you wish to purchase an item prior to the SwapFest, email the seller directly to make arrangements.

The items listed below are based on information from the sellers. It is designed to assist the buyer’s planning. The actual SwapFest may have different items at the event. There is no guarantee that the actual item will appear at the SwapFest, or at the indicated price. For example, the seller might have could have listed it by mistake, or the item could be sold prior to the event, or the seller might change their mind and decide to not sell it (or sell it for a different price). In addition, a seller might decide at the last minute to add items at the event which are not listed below.

The SwapFest is not a commercial event. It is designed as a fun way to have the club members share our resources.

Seller: K7LWH Club (email: dwickert@hotmail.com)

1x Kenwood TM-733 dual-band mobile – asking $200

3x Icom V82 w/ battery + drop-in charger + wall wart – asking $30 each

1x Icom V82 w/ battery (no drop-in charger or wall wart) – asking $20

1x Alinco DJ196 2M HT (backlit keypad) with battery & charger & speaker mic – asking $30

1x Alinco DJ195 2M HT with battery & charger – asking $25

1x Alinco DJ196 (backlit keypad) with charger, but dead battery. Has ‘AA’ case – asking $15

1x Yaesu VX170 HT with battery & charger – asking $40

4x Radio Shack HTX-202 HT with speaker mic + battery pack + AA case + charger – asking $20 each

1x Radio Shack HTX-202 HT with speaker mic + AA case + charger (no battery pack) – asking $15

1x Wouxun KV-UV3D dual band handheld with battery & charger – asking $50  Sold

1x RHF40 Diamond dual-band + wide receive, highly flexible, 16” BNC HT antenna https://www.diamondantenna.net/rhf40.html (new $30) – asking $10

1x SRHF40A, same as above but with a SMA-male instead of BNC – not for Chinese radios (new $30) — asking $10

Various hamsticks similar to MFJ-16XXT (new $20) – asking $5 or $10 depending on condition

1x Desktop computer (from Woodinville shack, new with Satellite antenna setup – mid 2018)
I7-6700 @ 3.4 GHz w/ liquid cooling using ASRock B250M PRO4 motherboard
Geforce GTX1050 Video
3x BENQ GL2460-B 24” FHD monitors w/ 3-monitor stand (each monitor is ~$120 new)
1x External USB DVD drive
(various hardware manuals included)
(sold as set) – asking $850

Seller: Jim Walker (email: jim.walker@cru.org)

The Woodinville Emergency Communications Team (WECT) will be selling some “Vintage Ham Equipment” to raise funds for their needs. Photos of the items being sold is located here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Y952NnjbfjtnFcxD8

And a list of available equipment is located here:http://www.lakewashingtonhamclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/WECT_list.jpg

Seller: Dave Wickert AE7TD (email: dwickert@hotmail.com)

Most equipment is new, still in the box or used only a handful of times.

1x Yaesu FT-4XR dual band HT w/ upgraded Nagoya NA-771 19″ dual band ntenna, manual, charger and RT Systems programming software and cable — asking $60

1x TYT MD-390 UHF analog FM and DMR HT w/ 19″ dual band antenna + stock, manual, charger and TYT software and cable — asking $80

1x DV4mini 70cm UHF D-Star/DMR/C4FM/P24 USB hotspot http://wirelesshold.com/dv4mini.aspx (new $150) — asking $40

Radio accessories:

1x Heil Traveler Single Side headset w/ ICOM adaptor cable + OPC-2144 Slim L-type conversion cable (for newer ICOM HTs such as ID-51A) (new $125)– asking $50  Sold

1x West Mountain Radio CLRspkr powered speaker w/ built-in digitial signal processing + power cable (PowerPole connector) + mounting panel (new $220) — asking $70

1x Signalink USB SLUSB6PM w/ plug & play jumper for ICOM SLMOD6P and SLCAB6PM cable (new $130) — asking $35  Sold

1x Logikey K5 keyer https://www.hamsupply.com/logikey-k-5-keyer/ (new $150) — asking $30

1x SCAF-1 audio filter https://www.hamsupply.com/logikit-scaf-1-noise-filter/ and https://www.hamsupply.com/scaf-1-demonstrations/ ; both for CW and SSB filtering (new $140) — asking $30

W2IHY Audio equipment: http://www.w2ihy.com/ (brand new, in original shipping boxes; never installed)

1x EQPlus Audio Processor https://www.w2ihy.com/eqplus-audio-equalzer.html (new $390)

1x 8-Band Audio Equalizer and noise gate http://www.w2ihy.com/8-band-audio-equalizer.html (new $300)
with ICOM cabling and connectors

(all W2IHY audio equipment as a complete set — asking $80) Sold

Elecraft KX3 accessories:

1x KX3-2M-AT-K 2-meter transverter for KX3 with ATU https://elecraft.com/products/copy-of-kx3-2m-at-k_kx3-2-meter-internal-option-kit (new $270) — asking $80

1x PX3 Panadapter for KX3 assembled w/ cabling and Nifty desk stand https://elecraft.com/products/px3-panadapter-for-kx3 (new $680) — asking $200

Fun items:

1x Morse Code Clock — asking $10

1x Buddipole antenna flag — asking $10

1x 2014 ARRL Handbook (hardcover), Centennial 100-year Anniversary Edition (new $50) — asking $20

1x ACR 2278 RapidDitch Abandon Ship Survival Gear Bag (new $85) — asking $20

Radio carriers:

1x radio chest harness http://www.powerportstore.com/Gear%20Harness.htm (new $40) — asking $20

3x radio belt carriers — asking $10 each

Baofeng accessories:

3x Baofeng speaker mics (Kenwood style) — asking $5 each

4x MSC-20A/B case with shoulder strap — asking $5 each

1x Nagoya NA-771 19″ dual band antenna (new $15) — asking $5

4x BL-5 1800/2100 mAh battery for UV-5R5 (and others) — free to a good home

1x BL-8 2800 mAh battery for UV-80C — asking $10

1x BTECH 2 Pin (K1 Connector) to 3.5MM Adapter with Push-to-Talk Button (Compatible with 2 Pin BaoFeng, Kenwood, BTECH Radios to 3.5mm Headsets with in-line Mics) — Free to a good home

1x Belt clip — free to a good home


1x Alex Loop w/ LED tuning assist, shoulderbag and tripod — asking $150

1x Ed Fong TBJ-1 triband antenna https://edsantennas.weebly.com/ (new $70) — asking $40

1x Homebrew J-Pole dual band antenna (new $50) — asking $20

Antenna accessories:

1x iPortable Field Antenna analyzer iP30 http://www.iportableus.com/_mgxroot/page_10743.html (new $230) — asking $90  Sold

1x MFJ-269C Antenna analyzer https://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-269C (new $370) — asking $200

1x Diamond MX-72H duplexer https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/dmn-mx72h, handles HF/VHF/UHF with passband filters (new $50) — asking $20

OUTBACKER antenna system:

1x OUTBACKER antenna (w/ marine + ham bands)

1x Heavy-duty MFJ-336 mag mount (new $60)

2x Super Antenna MR4010 Radial Set for 40m-10meter Bands HF SuperWire (new $40 each)

1x Super Antenna TM2 tripod w/ two radial connectors for MR4010 and a UHF mount (new $70)

(offered as a set, asking $200)

Wire antennas:

1x EARCHI End Fed 6-40 meter antenna (orig $50) — asking $15  Sold

1x LNR Precision EF-6 (6 meter) ParEndFedZ wire antenna (orig $62) — asking $20

1x LNR Precision EF-15 (15 meter) ParEndFedZ wire antenna (orig $69) — asking $20

Wire antenna supports:

1x PACKTENNA 32′ fiberglass telescoping pole http://shop.packtenna.com/32-12-Telescoping-Mast_p_21.html (new $100) — asking $30  Sold

4x 19′ carbon graphite telescoping fishing pole (flying flags, banners, and supporting antenna wires) http://www.allfishingbuy.com/Fishing-Pole-6.3.htm (new $70)– asking $20 each

1x 28′ carbon graphite telescoping fishing pole http://www.allfishingbuy.com/Fishing-Pole/Pole-A1-65-2-8615.htm (new $100) — asking $25  Sold

Raspberry Pi computers + accessories:

2x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ — asking $10 each

1x Universal Power Supply 2.5A, 5.1V (micro USB) — asking $5

Seller: Carlos Picoto AD7NP (email: cpicoto@hotmail.com)

(no information provided — come to the SwapFest to see items for sale)

Seller: Robert Berg K7CY (email: rob350@icloud.com)

(no information provided — come to the SwapFest to see items for sale)

Seller: Bob Morrison KE7JL (email: ke7jl@comcast.net)

(no information provided — come to the SwapFest to see items for sale)

Seller: John Schurman AA7UJ (email: aa7uj@aol.com)

(no information provided — come to the SwapFest to see items for sale)

Seller: Peyton K9JD (email: ki7ibu@gmail.com)

1x VHF/UHF dual band Aluminum J-pole, includes mounting hardware and SO-239 to BNC adapter. Does not include the mast. Contact seller for price and photos.

Seller: Charles Beckmeier W7CEB (email: cebeck1@frontier.com)

Selling 3 HTs: a Tytera MD-390, a Radioddity GD-77, and a Yaesu VHF HT.
All with extras. Contact seller for price and photos.

Seller: Roman Mach K7TXL(email: roman@staticzap.com)

1x 2×16 LCD, new, green, $5
1x Small storage drawer cabinet (3×5, 15 total drawers) – $5
1x HDMI switcher – $5
1x Small Yamaha mixer (1/4” inputs) – $10
1x Meade backpack observatory (also, if one is good at hacking, might be repurposed as a VHF antenna satellite tracker?) – $100
2x Audio rack compressor 1U stereo: dbx – 266XL – $70 each
1x Audio rack compressor 1U (or convert it to a uBitx case?): Galaxy Audio DS-CP22- $60
2x VESA mount monitor arm, desk mount – $10 each
1x VESA wall mount TV/monitor mount (brand “Level Mount”) – $20
1 pair Realistic unpowered, 4” woofer two-way speakers with metal grill – $10
1 pair small Panasonic unpowered speakers (part of surround sound system) – $4
1x Cisco 1200 Wifi B/G access point with power supply and antennas – $10

Various Arduino and Pi variants, accessories and shields
Magnet wire of various sizes (30-22 gauge) – Caveat is I will be spooling off amounts at very reasonable prices – I want you to build radios, etc.!
Various pulled circuit boards for parts
Electronic parts, new and used (transformers, inductors, electrolytic capacitors for power supplies, plugs and jacks, wall warts)
Various project cases (new and used), including two small tins


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Interested in getting one of our new club badges? Go here:

WOW! We have a new permanent club monthly meeting site! We have been invited by the City of Redmond, Office of Emergency Management to use the city’s Conference Center at Redmond City Hall (side entrance). Go here for more information.

Our thanks to the Redmond Presbyterian Church for the use of their facilities over the last couple of months as a temporary home. We appreciate it.

Our new monthly club meeting place will be at:

Redmond City Hall (side entrance)
Conference Center Room A/B
15670 NE 85th Street, Redmond WA

2nd Saturday of every month
@10am for the regular club meeting and
@11am for our VE Exam Session (for new and upgrading license candidates)

Updated 10-Jun-2018 — All of the repeaters at Rose Hill and Lincoln Square are fully operational.

The ARRL has launched a new podcast geared towards new ham radio amateurs. Click here for more information.

Two interesting awards are available from the ARRL. Check them out!

First, for new hams, the ARRL has a “First Contact Award.” The award is a very nice certificate suitable for framing that commemorates your first “on-the-air” contact. This would be a wonderful surprise to send a ham when you are THEIR first contact. For more information, check out the First Contact Award page at http://www.arrl.org/first-contact

The second award is the ARRL “Elmer Award.” An Elmer is someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be or new hams. While technology constantly evolves, the human interaction between hams will not be replaced and will always remain one of the hobby’s strongest traditions. As licensed hams we are all ambassadors of Amateur Radio and we should always be looking at ways in which we can welcome newly licensed hams and project a positive image that will attract others to ham radio. The Elmer Award is a way that you can thank your own Elmer for their time, expertise, and encouragement. Check out the Elmer award page at http://www.arrl.org/elmer-award to present the Elmer Award certificate to someone who has helped you in Amateur Radio.

9-Dec-2017 — Interested in trying something new? But still old? (That sounds interesting, huh!) At our “Holiday Field Day” party, Rick Beatty, W7RNB47@gmail.com announced that his 10 meter repeater continues to be available in Edmonds. Given the uneven and unpredictable propagation in the current sunspot cycle, he is interested in feedback of successful contacts with it. The repeater is at 29.68 MHz (-100 KHz offset) with a PL tone of 110.9. The repeater is available for general use and is open to all. However, you might notice that its receive frequency is outside of the Technician phone portion of the 10M band, so you will need a General license or higher to transmit to it.

Interested in CW? Take a look at this document. Very cool stuff! http://www.zerobeat.net/downloads/tasrt-english.zip

Club calendar now ONLINE: Click here to view (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwhcmembers/cal) — it is part of our Yahoo group. Feel free to add or edit any entry! It is a shared calendar for the club’s use. If you update it, then please send an email to the Yahoo group so everyone knows about it(mailto:lwhcmembers@yahoo.com).

Club Yahoo group — ‘lwhcmembers’  is now ONLINE: Click http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwhcmembers/join to join the club’s Yahoo group. It is a closed group to just club members — no SPAM — no unsolicited emails. To send email just click mailto:lwhcmembers@yahoo.com .

2019 Memberships now available: Renewal (and new) memberships for 2019 are now available. Membership is based on the calendar year and is not pro-rated. For your convenience, if you want to pay online, here is a PayPal link to process your renewal:

Call sign

Many local companies, such as Microsoft Corporation and Boeing, have matching gift programs for non-profits. Contact your HR department to check to see matching donations can be made available to LWHC. Thank you for the early renewal for next year’s membership.

Note: We can only take renewals via the above PayPal link. General donations to the club are welcome but unfortunately cannot be done via PayPal. Contact the club at lwhc@lakewashingtonhamclub.org to make donations to the club. LWHC is a 503(c) charitable organization.

New to HAM radio? Do you have questions around what would be a good first radio? If so, we have a great new way to get some advice. Go to our Radio Selection Survey page and take our survey. The results will be posted to a group of the club’s HAMs who has lots of experience to help you. Here is a link.

Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Lake Washington Ham Club is to provide Amateur Radio support to the community. Toward that end the Lake Washington Ham Club:

  • Offers amateur radio instructional classes and testing services for new and upgrading ham radio operators;
  • Trains emergency service groups in communications;
  • Offers short term loan of radio equipment;
  • Operates radio repeater stations; and
  • Owns and operates an amateur radio station.

Our club has a particular focus on youth. All of our programs have a youth component – click here for more specifics on our youth activities.

Important: In the event of an emergency the repeaters are reserved for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services

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